Our Story

From little things, big things grow

After taking over Oasis Bakery in the late 1990’s, Emad & Marwa Makool set out to reshape & improve the business through sheer hard work & a constant commitment to service, quality & value.

Since those early days, three generations of Makools have worked in the business, from Emad's parents George and Saide, to Emad's younger brother Ely, down to Emad & Marwa's little kids (they’re actually not that little at 6’2” and 6’4”). This family's commitment to the business – & more importantly to each other – shows in the warmth of service that we offer our customers & in the quality & consistency of the food we provide our customer.

So, what actually is Oasis Bakery?

Well first of all, it’s a Middle Eastern bakery where we bake a large selection of fresh pastries (Toppings include: Haloumi cheese, oregano, spinach & cheese etc...) Secondly we operate a cafe, where the menu is inspired by Middle Eastern flavours & more specifically, Lebanese flavours. Thirdly,we operate a very well appointed grocery store, with the finest staple ingredients from all over the world - you will surely find everything you need to create your next culinary conquest.

The future

2010 marked a milestone for us. After years of struggling to cope with increasing demand and insufficient checkouts, seating and preparation areas; struggling not to melt during the torrid summer months from a lack of air-conditioning and insulation; struggling to make over 4,000 different grocery items fit into a space that was designed to display a third of that quantity, we opened the first & second stage of a major redevelopment and expansion.

This was by far the biggest change to have taken place at Oasis Bakery in our history & it was a change that was accepted with warm regard by our customers & embraced fully by our staff & family.  The change in the café space alone has meant that within three months of opening the new store, we were included in The Age’s Top 10 Cheap Eats 2010.^

We marked the completion of the expansion of the store with a weekend-long party full of camels, belly dancers, food & music. It was a lot of fun (camels usually are!).

But you know, just because we've gotten bigger doesn't mean we’re going to drop the ball on customer service and quality. It doesn't mean we’re going to stop being innovative. It doesn't mean we’re going to stop caring about what our customers think and want. Why? Because this is our passion and even more than that, it’s our life.


^The Age Melbourne Magazine April 2010