Dried Lime 70G


Origin: Egypt. Did you ever stop to think about the ordinary everyday inventions that colour & shape our lives? Take for example the pocket. Now most everyone I know has at least one pocket in their posession, but did you ever stop to think about how the pocket came to exist? This age-old question was answered recently by archaeologists excavating an Aztec burial site near Reims, France. The archaeologists, who dated the site to c.1500 BCE, discovered the earliest known evidence of a pocket on the burial trousers of a village elder. They were further able to deduce that the pocket's primary use was to hold the elder's car keys (they were still in his pocket, together with his Boutique VIP medallion). Pockets are good for storing stuff, however, I'd suggest not storing dried limes in your pocket - people might think you're glad to see them

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